Our Brand

Gelato is a delicacy that exists in our lives, from a young age until we reach a ripe old age and it always suggests a feeling of nostalgia, remembering the last time we had some. This being an indication that history and memories are associated with the frozen delights. The inspiration of our logo design reflects heritage and age old sophistication – the surety that Gelato Mania® products have equity in quality.
The stamp of tasted approval. Our flavours are rich and lasting.

We serve our gelato in one, two or three scoops in cups or in our homemade sugar cones. These cones are coated in a variety of coatings such as chocolate, choc-mint and caramel. For those who are already addicted, we have take away containers in 500g and 1kg tubs to assist in the pleasure lasting longer. Our ice-creams are also Bantingand Diabetes friendly.

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