At Gelato Mania® we pride ourselves in the great selection of gelato flavours we offer to you our most valued client. So come in store and try a flavour you might become addicted to. A superior quality gelato is what we offer, with a taste sensation.

Even though our gelato is served at -14?C your taste buds are treated to “warm” flavours and an adventure, which cannot be explained but should rather be experienced. Within our array of gelato, we also create sorbets made from fresh seasonal fruit, which are equally delectable.

Our Ingredients

Our gelato is homemade daily using the highest quality ingredients. We believe that taste and quality should never be compromised and as a result, we use the freshest full cream hormone-free cow’s milk as one of our primary ingredients.

No added animal or vegetable fats, no alcohol, gelatine or preservatives are used in making our gelato. We only make use of natural colourants. The rest of our ingredients are imported from Italy.

All these exceptional ingredients are merged with a dash of love in the manufacturing process with the assistance of our state of the art equipment, fridges and pasteurizers to create our gelato.

Diabetic Gelato

Did you know that our Diabetic Gelato is Banting friendly? Come in store and try the chocolate or hazelnut sweetened with Stevia.

Yoghurt Gelato

Our yoghurt is enriched with prebiotic fibers.
It has a won over thousands of customers for its natural freshness and unique taste.


We have advanced in our selection of flavours as you will see in-store and we also offer a range of new toppings you can add to your scoop of gelato for example: chocolate hazelnut, pistachio crunch, strawberry hearts, fudge pyramids and more.

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